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The book “Bhutanese Buddhism and Its Culture” by Associate Prof. Kumagai published

1412kumagai_book.jpgWe are pleased to inform you that Dr. Seiji KUMAGAI (Associate Professor, Uehiro Kokoro Studies, Kokoro Research Center) published the book “Bhutanese Buddhism and Its Culture” from Vajra Publications (Kathmandu).
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[Title] Bhutanese Buddhism and Its Culture
[Author] Seiji Kumagai
[Publisher] Vajra Books (December 1, 2014)
[Page number] 250 pages
[Language] English
[ISBN-10] 9937623235
[ISBN-13] 978-9937623230
○About the Book
With much of its old socio-cultural identity still intact, Bhutan attracts interest from many oriental scholars. Bhutan is also seeing a phenomenal growth in interest from many multi-disciplinary researchers who are adapting different political and economic frameworks in trying to understand the unique approach to development in this country that is best expressed in its national development philosophy of Gross National Happiness. This concept was first propounded by the Fourth King, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck who believed spiritual development and environmental conservation must go hand in hand with material advancement in the country’s journey to wellbeing and prosperity. Bhutanese Buddhism and Its Culture is a comprehensive introduction to the country’s diverse Buddhist traditions, as well as its unique statecraft, monasticism and people’s general way of life, all of which form the culture of the country. The publication of this book is a part of the initiative of the Bhutanese Buddhism Research Project (BBRP) based in Kyoto University to promote the academic study of Bhutan and enhance cooperation between scholars of different specializations and regions. Leading researchers on Bhutan have come together to work on this book which carries scholarly text and field based reports and papers on two major Buddhist schools in Bhutan, its pre-Buddhist religion Bon, and the popular culture of the people. It is hoped that the timely publication of this book will promote a greater understanding of the spirituality of the Bhutanese people today by analyzing historical precedents, and their concern towards the wellbeing and happiness of all beings.
○Table of Contents
-Foreword by Damcho DORJI (Minister, Ministery of Home & Cultural Affairs)
-Introduction by Seiji KUMAGAI
[Chapter 1. Nyingma School]
– Karma URA “Longchen’s Forests of Poetry and Rivers of Composition in Bhutan: “The illuminating map – titled as forest park of flower garden – of Bumthang, the divine hidden land” composed in 1355 by Longchen Ramjam (1308-1363)”
– Akinori YASUDA “A Study of Rgyud bu chung Discovered by Pema Lingpa”
[Chapter 2. Drukpa Kagyu School]
– Gembo DORJI “The Lho-Druk Tradition of Bhutan: The Arrival and Spread of Buddhism”
– Karma URA “Monastic System of the Drukpa Kagyu (‘Brug pa bka’ brgyud) School in Bhutan”
– Thupten Gawa MATSUSHITA “Introduction to the Theory of Mahāmudrā by the Founder of Drukpa Kagyü, Tsangpa Gyaré Yeshe Dorje (1161-1211)”
[Chapter 3. Other Schools]
– Françoise POMMARET “Bon in Bhutan. What is in the name?”
– Seiji KUMAGAI “History and Current Situation of the Sa skya pa School in Bhutan”
[Chapter 4. Buddhist Culture]
– Lungtaen GYATSO “A Note on the Concept of Happiness and Prosperity”
– Akiko UEDA “Understanding the Practice of Dual Residence in the Context of Transhumance: A Case from Western Bhutan”
– Elizabeth MONSON “Alternative Voices: The Unusual Case of Drukpa Kunley (‘Brug pa kun legs)”
– Riam KUYAKANON KNAPP “Contemplations on a Bhutanese Buddhist Environmental Narrative”
– Dendup CHOPHEL and Dorji KHANDU “Byis pa’i dpa’ bo: The Dance of Youthful Heroes”