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The 2017 Special Lecture Series on the Concepts of Kokoro for Medical and Educational Specialists: A Learning Space for Helping Occupations

17kokorojuku.png The 2017 special lecture series for specialists in medicine and education regarding concepts of kokoro was held at Kyoto University Inamori Center on September 30, 2017, October 21, and November 11.
The lecture series was entitled “A learning space for helping occupations, emotions and physicality: Connecting the cutting edge of knowledge and practice”
This marks the fifth annual special lecture series for medical and educational specialists (e.g., occupational therapists, physical therapists, clinical psychotherapists, and speech-language-hearing therapists). During the three days, participants attended lectures by Prof. Toshio Inui (Psychology Dept. Otemon Gakuin University, KRC, Kyoto University) and guest lecturers in the morning and in the afternoon, reports, group discussions, and Q&A sessions were conducted.
The speakers and their lecture topics were as follows:
Day 1
“Emotions and their physicality 1: Neural mechanisms that support the flow of communication” by Prof. Inui
“Understanding mental illness from a social perspective” by Prof. Toshiya Murai (Kyoto University)
A case report by Ms. Noyuri Kato (Occupational Therapist, Kyoto University Hospital)
Day 2
“Emotions and their physicality 2: The role of emotions and their neural mechanisms by Prof. Inui
“The clinical observation of emotions and physicality during adolescence” by Prof. Keiko Iwamiya (Human Sciences, Shimane University)
Case report by Ms. Shoko Matsuda (Occupational Therapist, Aichi Prefectural Colony Central Hospital)
Day 3
“Emotions and physicality 3: The neural mechanisms of children with autism” by Prof. Inui
“The early development of self-control and its support” by Dr. Yusuke Moriguchi (Kyoto University)
Case report by Ms. Kanae Matsushima (Occupational Therapist, Kyoto University)
Reviews by attendees (excerpted from questionnaires)
“I’ve learned so much from all the lecturers. I went home each day with many hands-on skills from the case reports. I also enjoyed the group discussions.” (clinical psychotherapist)
“It was a great opportunity to learn various perspectives. I learned about the research of brain functioning and the practical aspects of the research as well. I don’t work with children on a regular basis, but a lot of what I’ve learned here will be useful when working with the elderly.” (occupational therapist)
“Learning about the neural bases of bodily movement in the lectures really helped me to understand children with autism from a different angle.” (student)
“It was fascinating to learn both cutting edge research and clinical reports and the relationship between them.” (university staff)
“Each lecture was so interesting that the time went by very fast. Learning about the mind through the lens of neuroscience was helpful.” (occupational therapist)