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Future Mind 2: Symposium on Art and Science, 2/18/2018

The “Future Mind 2” symposium was held at Kyoto University’s Inamori Center on February 18, 2018. Distinguished media artists and researchers were invited to discuss and exchange ideas about transdisciplinary approaches for combining art and science.
The symposium began with an introduction of the event schedule by Prof. Hiroshi Yoshioka (Kyoto University KRC), the organizer and facilitator of the symposium, followed by a greeting from Prof. Sakiko Yoshikawa (Director, KRC).
Lectures were given by four instructors invited from England, France and America followed by question and answer sessions. The symposium concluded with a discussion sessions involving all participants.
Prof. William Latham (Goldsmiths, University of London), well known for his pioneering evolutionary computer art at IBM UK gave a lecture entitled “Mutator VR Art and Research and Interdisciplinary Work Across Art and Science”. Prof. Olga Kisseleva (the Sorbonne), an internationally renowned artist and professor of contemporary art gave a lecture entitled “Artist as Researcher”. The pioneering media archaeologist Prof. Erkki Huhtamo (UCLA, Department of Design Media Arts and Department of Film, Television, and Digital Media) gave a lecture entitled “Cyborgs, Posthumanism, and Media”. Prof. Ken Rinaldo (Ohio State University, Department of Art), who is well known for his interactive bio-art and robotic installations, gave a lecture entitled “Semi-living Machinic Species”.
There were visual introductions of their artworks and activities. Students, researchers and artists participated in the general discussion and the symposium was well received by attendees, with their reviews showing appreciation for this outstanding opportunity to learn from internationally recognized lecturers.
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