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Prof. Hiroi Presents his Research during a RIHN Seminar

Prof. Yoshinori Hiroi and Prof. Koji Fukuda (chief researcher of Hitachi’s Kyoto University Laboratory) gave a research presentation during a seminar at the Research Institute for Humanity and Nature (RIHN) on May 10th, 2018.
RIHN was established in 2001 to conduct integrated research in the field of global environmental studies. Environmental degradation can be understood as an imbalance in the interactions between human beings and natural systems. The institute’s mission is to conduct solution-oriented research to explore the interactions between humanity and nature.
In his report “A social policy project using artificial intelligence (AI) to build a sustainable future for Japanese society”, Prof. Hiroi presented an outline and discussed the background of his collaborative research with Hitachi’s Kyoto University Laboratory (September, 2017). Additionally, he reported that the model will be revised so that the results of the project can be effectively applied in real world social experiments and implemented into policy decisions by local governments. A Q&A and discussion sections followed Prof. Tatsuyoshi Saijo (the program director of RIHN)’s commentary.

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