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Prof. Kawai was on NHK's Hyappun De Meicho: Hayao Kawai Special

Prof. Toshio Kawai appeared on NHK TV’s Hyappun De Meicho(“100 minutes on a famous book”):Hayao Kawai Special. In conjunction with the program, three were published on the NHK website: “Meicho, Guest column” by Prof. Kawai, “Yuriko’s Eye” by the programs’s host and TV anchor Yuriko Shimazu, and “Tidbits from Producer A” by the program producer.


In “Meicho, Guest column”, Prof. Kawai introduced “Introduction to Jungian psychology”, “Folktales and the Japanese Kokoro”, “Mythology and the Japanese Kokoro”, “Jungian psychology and Buddhism” and the original psychology that Hayao Kawai pursued, along with the history of his clinical research. Prof. Kawai ended by writing, “I hope that I can re-tell Hayao Kawai’s ideas and thoughts and pass them down to the next generation”.
“Meicho, Guest Column”
“Meicho, Guest column”

In “Yuriko’s Eye”, the program’s host, Yuriko Shimazu, recalled an episode of the program in which her job was to get Prof. Kawai to discuss his work, but she noticed that in Prof. Kawai’s kind presence, she was instead tempted to talk about herself. Ms. Shimazu writes about the third episode of the series, which made a deep impression on her.
“Yuriko’s Eye”
“Yuriko’s Eye”

“Tidbits from Producer A”, includes a segment with Prof. Kawai that did not air due to time constraints (initially, other people were being considered as guests). Producer A gave a brief introduction to “Hayao Kawai’s Theory of Happiness” and discussed his opinions of it.
“Tidbits from Producer A”