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  4. The Opening Event for CHI-SEI Will Feature A Dialogue Between Prof. Yoshioka and Manuela Infante, a Chilean Playwright at Kyoto International Performing Arts Center

The Opening Event for CHI-SEI Will Feature A Dialogue
Between Prof. Yoshioka and Manuela Infante, a Chilean Playwright at Kyoto International Performing Arts Center

20180914_Yoshioka_Manuela01.JPGProf. Hiroshi Yoshioka will have a dialogue with Manuela Infante during an opening event for CHI-SEI at Kyoto International Performing Arts Center on Friday, September 14th, 2018.
English and Japanese interpretation will be provided.
Registration is required. (Free of charge) Please follow the registration instruction bellow.

Kyoto International Performing Arts Center × KYOTO EXPERIMENT
Artists-in-residence program 2018
Manuela Infante 『CHI-SEI.』
Opening Event
Following Zoo, which she wrote, directed, and presented at Kyoto Experiment 2016 Spring, Manuela Infante returns to Japan to conduct research for a new work. While Zoo dealt with the themes of colonization and “human exhibits,” Infante has shifted her theater work from anthropocentric attitudes to plants and objects.
In response to recent theories that argue the possibility of intelligence and a soul residing even in the nonhuman, Infante has focused on communication between plants and subverting the positions of humans and objects.
For this project, Infante spent two months in Kyoto conducting research on intelligence that resides in the nonhuman, such as plants and objects.
In Japan, people are familiar with the idea that intelligence can reside in nonhuman elements of nature, as epitomized by the way that the deities of the native animistic Shinto faith are described collectively as the “eight million gods.” Infante is exploring this concept of nonhuman intelligence in Japanese culture through exchange with artists and specialists in philosophy and botany.
On the final day of Kyoto Experiment, she presents the results of her research as well as how it will connect with her next work.

Manuela Infante’s Bio
Born in 1980 Manuela Infante is a Chilean theater playwright, director, script writer and musician. Infante hold a BA in Arts from the University of Chile and a MA in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam.With her group Teatro de Chile (2002-2016) she wrote and directed numerous works with the support of the Chilean Funds for the Arts. Four of her plays have been published and translated into English and Italian and her work has toured internationally to the U.S., Argentina, Brazil, Perú, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Singapore and Korea. She has produced work with Hebbel am Uffer, Festival de Modena, The Watermill Center, FIBA and FITAM. In 2015 she was the first woman to be appointed director of The National Festival for Dramaturgy (Muestra Nacional) in Chile. Following ZOO in 2016 SPRING, this will be the second time Infante participates in Kyoto Experiment.

◇Event Information
・Date: Friday 9/14/2018 19:00~21:00
・Venue: Kyoto International Performing Arts Center, Meeting Room 2
(546-2 Yamabushiyama-cho, Takoyakushi Sagaru, Muromachi Dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
・ Speakers: Manuela Infante、Hiroshi Yoshioka(Professor, Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University)
     (Japanese and English interpretation provided)
・Fee: No Fee
・Maximum:30 *Priority for the reserved
・Registration:KYOTO EXPERIMENT Official website or by phone
      TEL:075-213-5839(KYOTO EXPERIMENTOffice)[Weekday 11:00~19:00]
・Sponsor:Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival Executive Committee
・Contact:KYOTO EXPERIMENT Office[Weekday 11:00~19:00]
      〒604-0862 The 7th Nagatani Building 6F, Shoshou-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 229-2
※Kokoro Research Center will not do registration.