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Volume 19 of the Center’s Academic Journal, The Future of Kokoro, Has Been Published

This edition of The Future of Kokoro celebrates “the 10th anniversary of Kyoto University’s Kokoro Research Center”. You can download a PDF via the link below.

Greetings from the new Center Director

I took over the position of Center Director from Prof. Sakiko Yoshikawa (the first Center Director) in April, 2018. Despite the relatively small size of the center, our research spans a wide range of academic fields. Therefore, the director has a diverse set of responsibilities. The fact that researchers from overseas repeatedly come back to the center to do more research indicates that this is a stimulating and exciting place to work. Our staff members are actively involved with the community outside the center, such as collaborating with outside researchers and organizations, and keeping local communities informed about our work. However, our various research contributions are too good to not share more about them. The Future of Kokoro, a center’s academic journal, is an important means of getting information about our activities into the world and keeping people updated about our research in the age of internet, it is nice to be able to hold a journal in your hand while reading it. I hope that in the future, the journal will be enriched by the help of many more people’s contributions.

Toshio Kawai, the Director, Kyoto University’s Kokoro Research Center