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Kyoto University’s Kokoro Research Center 2019 Research Report Meeting: “The Science of Emotion”

Kyoto University’s KRC 2019 Research Report Meeting was held at the Inamori Center on December 15th, 2019. This year’s meeting included research reports by 3 presenters and 32 poster presentations with the results of research projects that KRC conducted in 2019, divided into the following five areas: “educational projects,” “research projects,” “practical applications,” “social communication” and “publicly offered projects.” After that, discussions were held with the discussants.


In the opening remarks, Prof. Toshio Kawai (Director, KRC) said, “Previously, only researchers from KRC have presented their research at the annual Research Report Meeting. However, this year, as a new initiative, we invited a researcher from an outside organization whose field of study matches our project to present at our Research Report Meeting. I hope that today’s session will lead to new trends in the science of emotion.”

The first report was from Dr. Masataka Nakayama (Assistant Professor, KRC) on the topic of “The Science of Being Moved.” His three experimental results demonstrated that emotions like “being impressed” or “awe / reverence” drive one’s values and views of life.


The second report was from Dr. Kuniaki Yanagisawa (Senior Lecturer, KRC), on the topic of “Happiness Derived from Anticipation.” Using psychological experiments, web research, and brain function research on how happiness is derived from anticipation, he reported that happiness is promoted when people anticipate consuming experiences rather than consuming material objects.


The third reporter was Prof. Satoshi Umeda (Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory, Keio University). His presentation was entitled “Brain-Body Interactions that Generate Emotion” and explained how emotions, feelings and related psychological symptoms arise in the dynamics of the tripartite relationship between “Brain-Mind-Body.”

Before the poster session, 13 researchers from KRC each presented a one-minute summary of their research project. Each of them then discussed their poster with researchers and students from inside and outside KRC.


The discussants for the three research reports were Prof. Toji Kamata (Institute of Grief Care, Sophia University and Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University) and Prof. Sakiko Yoshikawa (KRC). Active discussions and Q&A sessions were held among the researchers, discussants, and audience.

The closing address was made by Prof. Yoshinori Hiroi (Vice Director, KRC), who commented:

“The theme of this meeting had a multidisciplinary nature that extends to the natural sciences, society, culture and religion, and led to various discussions. I found it very exciting and am glad that this cross-disciplinary Research Report Meeting, which fuses the humanities and social sciences with the natural sciences, could be held. I think it clearly illustrated the characteristics of KRC.”

Associate Professor Seiji Kumagai (KRC) presided over this meeting.

The presentations garnered a lot of interest from the audience, with attendees commenting, “The researches were from a different field from me, but their explanations were clear” and “It was good that the conference room was not very big, because I could follow the presentations closely. Each presentation was neither too long, nor too short. I found them just the right length.”



Kyoto University’s KRC’s 2019 Research Report Meeting: “The Science of Emotion”

Date & Time: December 15, 2019 (Sunday)  9:30 – 13:20

Venue: Kyoto University Inamori Center, 3rd floor, Middle Conference Room (Poster Presentation in the Large Conference Room)

Audience: Researchers and Students

Participants: 63