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COVID-19 Emergency Support Project: Psychological Aid for Office Workers “LINE-Counseling”

The SNS-Counseling and Community Support Project at Kokoro Research Center has launched LINE-Counseling for Office Workers as a COVID-19 emergency support, in response to the declaration of the state of emergency following the spread of a new coronavirus infection in Japan.

Companies that have applied for the LINE Counseling Project will provide this service, free of charge, to employees and their family members until the end of June, 2020. People who wish to consult with us can easily do so via LINE, a popular social networking service that is available on many devices (smartphones, etc). All LINE-Counseling will be handled by clinical psychologists (only in Japanese).

In addition to changes in life and work, an increasing number of people are suffering from anxiety and stress due to uncertain situations. Given that it is difficult to consult with someone directly, we would like to make use of our psychological counseling room on LINE. Please apply for the project through your company or department.

Since research and community support are combined in this project, abstract data may be obtained and used for research and development of SNS counseling. However, individuals      will never be identified. The data from the entire counselling service (the number of users, etc.) will be provided as feedback to the participating companies after the consultation period.


Click on the image to view the detailed flyer. (only in Japanese)