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Osaka Prefecture and KRC have started a joint research on SNS-Counseling

With the spread of the COVID-19 infection, our physical and psychological burdens have increased. KRC is conducting research to make new psychological support via the popular social networking service LINE more effective by launching the project “SNS-Counseling and Community Support”. As a joint research project with Osaka Prefecture, KRC has decided to examine data collected through SNS-Counseling during the corona pandemic. The objectives of this study are as follows:


1. Experimental study for the effective continuation and development of LINE-Counseling project
SNS-Counseling is a new psychological support tool that has just started to provide counseling via LINE, a popular social networking service. Personally unidentifiable data obtained through SNS-Counseling is used to verify participants for whom SNS-Counseling appears to be highly effective, the importance of timely response, and the clinical attitude of counselors. This project will clarify how SNS-Counseling contributes to the field of clinical psychology and cognitive science by providing research on the  psychological support of people during an emergency, from the viewpoint of clinical psychology and cognitive science.

2. Analysis of psychological response under unprecedented circumstances
By clarifying the possibility of recovery and transformation of the human mind under negative circumstances, the basis of the ideal form of a psychological support system in the continuing corona pandemic will be established. It will also be used for future psychological support systems and approaches to emergencies and disasters.


LINE-Counseling is a new method of psychological support that enables people to receive psychological support from experts in a safe manner even in the current situation, where it is difficult to meet people face-to-face.
KRC has an SNS-Counseling service for companies (only in Japanese).
See the link below for more information.