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A Translation of ‘Dream Symbols of the Individuation Process’ Supervised by Prof. Toshio Kawai Has Been Published

A translation of ‘Dream Symbols of the Individuation Process’ (by C. G. Jung, edited by Suzanne Gieser), which was supervised by Prof. Toshio Kawai, has been published by Sogensha as of July 2021.


This book is a record of two seminars that Jung gave under the title “Dream Symbols of the Individuation Process” which analyzes dreams that Nobel laureate Wolfgang Pauli reported in his psychotherapy sessions. Prof. Kawai supervised the Japanese translation and wrote a preface entitled “The Value of the Seminar Record ‘Pauli’s Dreams.’”


In the preface, Prof. Kawai mentions that this book was not authored but edited as a seminar record, and how Jung’s frank and free speech offers a valuable perspective of his clinical practice. Prof. Kawai cites the following points as being very helpful for psychotherapy even today; Jung’s comment that it is essentially important in psychotherapy, especially dream analysis, that a psychotherapist is present and commits to the dream and the client. In addition, Jung’s approach to dreams is that the psychotherapist should follow the image of the individual dream rather than just understand it symbolically when interpreting it.


Prof. Kawai also notes that the seminars were held in the late 1930s, a turning point in Jung’s thought. Jung’s basic stance was to emphasize the “confrontation and complementary relation between the consciousness and the unconsciousness,” as seen in his earlier major work, ‘The Relations between the Ego and the Unconscious.’ However, at the time of these seminars, Jung had already begun to realize that this stance was based on the Western tradition and the Western psyche which premise the established ego. Therefore, Prof. Kawai explains that the interpretation of dreams in this book shows both the basic stance of the earlier period and the germ that developed into the main work of Jung’s later period, ‘Mysterium Coniunctionis,’ which is the fruit of his alchemical research. Prof. Kawai concludes the preface by suggesting that this book may also help us to think about the different ways of working on the depth of kokoro between the West and the East.


On the publisher’s website, you can read the preface, contents, acknowledgments, introduction, and the beginning of the first lecture, although it is currently only available in Japanese.



○Book Information

CG・ユングの夢セミナー パウリの夢』(Original Title: Dream Symbols of the Individuation Process)
Author: C. G. Jung, Edited by Suzanne Gieser
Supervisor: Toshio Kawa
Translators: Tsuyoshi Inomata, Junji Miyazawa, Tomoaki Kano and Kanako Nagahori
Publisher: Sogensha (July 20th, 2021)
448 pages, ISBN-13: 978-4-422-11765-2
Publisher’s website: https://www.sogensha.co.jp/productlist/detail?id=4273