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Kyoto Kokoro Initiative

Research Topic
Kyoto Kokoro Initiative 

Lead Researcher
Toshio Kawai, Professor, Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University


Due to modern advances in science, technology and the global economy, we humans are entering an era of unprecedented change. The Kyoto Kokoro Initiative, which was launched in April 2015, is a place to disseminate to the world the achievements of various research developed from the Japanese word kokoro.     


The term kokoro has a rich expanse of meaning. In addition to describing the various internal activities of individuals, there are many kinds of kokoro that humans find in other people, organisms, objects or concepts, for example, in a phrase such as, “the kokoro of Tea.”


Inspired by the word kokoro and the diverse perspectives it offers, the Kyoto Kokoro Initiative aims to discuss the contemporary lives of humans and their environment from various angles, to actively think about the way they should be, and to share our findings with researchers and the broader community