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Associate Prof. Uchida’s new book “The Exploration of Happiness” published

130911uchida.png Associate Prof. Yukiko Uchida‘s new book, “The Exploration of Happiness: Present and Future Perspectives (Happiness Studies Book Series)”, co-authored with Dr. Vinai Norasakkunkit (Minnesota State University) and Dr. Shinobu Kitayama (University of Michigan) has been published by Springer in Apr. 2013.

Uchida, Y., Norasakkunkit, V., & Kitayama, S. (2013).
Cultural constructions of happiness: Theory and empirical evidence.
In A. Delle Fave (Ed.), The exploration of happiness: Present and future perspectives. Springer.pp.269-280.
This specially selected collection of landmark work from the Journal of Happiness Studies maps the current contours, and the likely future direction, of research in a field with a fast-rising profile. This volume, which inaugurates a series aiming to explore discrete topics in happiness and wellbeing studies, features selected articles published in the Journal of Happiness Studies during its first decade, which culminated in an ‘impact factor’ in 2011. As the introductory work in the series, it provides readers with a vital overview of the prominent issues, problems and challenges that well-being and happiness research has had to overcome since its appearance on the scientific stage. The journal’s very success evinces both the high scientific quality of the research covered, and the steadily growing interest in a subject that draws responses from a vast range of epistemological aiming points, taking in economics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, education and medicine.
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