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Composition of Faculty-Proposed Collaborative Research Projects

In fiscal years 2007 to 2009, we implemented collaborative projects in three research domains: body, bonds, and life. During the six-year period starting in fiscal 2010, we shall further develop and enhance these projects, leading to the creation of "kokorology" (kokorogaku) pivoting on six pillars, namely: negative emotions, views of kokoro, formation of bonding, modern life ways, nature and body, and developmental disorders.

List of the Faculty-Proposed Collaborative Research Projects

Research ProjectProject Leader
Negative EmotionsNeural Mechanisms for Controlling Own Emotion and Understanding Other's EmotionlShintaro Funahashi
Research on Negative Emotions: from Vengeful Spirits to JealousyToji Kamata
Absence of Emotion in Thyroid PatientsToshio Kawai
Negative Emotions and Education on Meaning and Purpose in LifeCarl Becker
Views of KokoroBasic Research in the History of and Comparative Cultural Theory relating to kokoro (How has Humanity Conceived of kokoro?)Toji Kamata
Research in Waza (Skills and Techniques) Linking Kokoro and MonoToji Kamata
Behavioral and Neurobiological Studies of MetacognitionShintaro Funahashi
Research in Self-consciousness and other-consciousness todayToshio Kawai
Formation of BondingEffects of Other People and Mono on Emotions and Cognitive FunctionSakiko Yoshikawa
Interactions in Empathetic DialogueSakiko Yoshikawa
Comparative Cognition Research on the Formation of Trust and Attachment and the Maturation ProcessAyako Morisaki
Functions and Nature of Social Networks: An examination of the coordination rolesYukiko Uchida
Modern Life WaysSurvey on Preventing Stress and Improving SOC among Novice NursesCarl Becker
Social Adaptation during Young Adults: A Cultural Psychological Investigation of Hikikomori and NEETsYukiko Uchida
Relationships between the Psychological and Social Aspects of Diabetes Patients and Their Health Condition in Japan and the U.S.Yukiko Uchida
Nature and BodyComparative Study on Healing SpacesToji Kamata
Evolution, Culture and Kokoro: Exploring Kokoro from Biological and Social PerspectivesKai Hiraishi
Developmental DisordersPsychotherapeutic Approach to Developmental DisordersToshio Kawai
Developmental Disorders and Support for Acquiring Reading and Writing SkillsSakiko Yoshikawa
EducationCreation of Kokorology: Educational ProjectSakiko Yoshikawa
BlogKokoro Research News: Kokorology BlogKai Hiraishi