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Yoko Ikejiri

Yoko Ikejiri  |  JSPS Research Fellow(RPD)  |  History of the Manchu Qing and Tibet

My research focuses on the Tibetan Buddhist networks to reconsider the inner Asian history during the 17th and the 18th centuries. I am working on clarifying the actual conditions of the Tibetan Buddhist networks that were able to expand beyond the borders of ethnicities and politics by using various kinds of documents written in Tibetan, Manchu, Mongolian, and Chinese.


Ph.D. in History and Anthropology, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tsukuba University, 2010
JSPS Research Fellow (PD), Toyo Bunko, 2010-2014
JSPS Research Fellow (RPD), Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University, 2016-
Tsukuba University Ph.D. (Literature)


Yoko IKEJIRI (2013)
Early Qing Policy on Tibetan Buddism: The Establishment and Development of the Jasak-Lama System, Tokyo: Kyūko Syoin.

Journal Articles
Yoko IKEJIRI (2012)
“Buddhist monastery and monks in Amdo during the beginning phase of Qing dynasty,”
Report of Japanese Association for Tibetan Studies, Vol. 58, pp. 53-68.

Yoko IKEJIRI (2010)
“On the Qingchao qianqi lifanyuan manmengwen tiben/Dayicing gurun-u ekin uy-e-yin yadayatu mongyol-un toru-yi jasaqu yabudal-un yamun-u manju mongyol ayiladqal-un debter-ud (Huhehaote: Neimenggu renmin chubanshe, 2010),” Journal of Manchu and Qing Studies, Vol. 9, pp. 35-42.

Yoko IKEJIRI (2010)
“The Development of the Jasak i Lama system in Hohhot during the early Qing period,”
The Shiho, Vol.11, pp.26-52.

Yoko IKEJIRI (2009)
“The invitation of lCang skya Rol pa'i rdo rje by Qing Shizong (Yongzheng Emperor), ”
The Shikyo, Vol.58, pp. 67-84.

Yoko IKEJIRI (2008)
“The Invitation of lCang skya NGag dbang blo bzang chos ldan to Beijing in the Kangxi Era,” Inner Asian Studies, Vol. 23, pp. 49-69.

Yoko IKEJIRI (2007)
“Qing Dynasty and Tibetan Buddhist monks during the Taizong and Shizu era: discussing the system of jasak lamas ,” Shakai-Bunka Shigaku, Vol.49, pp. 41-58.

Yoko IKEJIRI (2005)
“Some notes on Huangsi (a Tibetan Buddhist temple in Beijing) today and during the early Qing period,” Journal of Manchu and Qing Studies, Vol. 4, pp. 184-196.

Yoko IKEJIRI (2004)
“The policy on the Tibtan Buddhism by the Qing Dynasty during the reign of Taizu, Taizong, and Shizu: The invitation of Dalai Lama 5th by the Qing Court,” Journal of Manchu and Qing Studies, Vol. 3, pp. 131-146.