Purpose and Philosophy

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The Center’s Foundational Purposes

The Kokoro Research Center promotes scientific research on mind and consciousness, from the disciplines of psychology, neurophysiology, cognitive sciences, cultural and humanistic studies. Based on the results of this scholarly research, it aspires to contribute to a humanity and mentality suited to life in the coming global era.

The Center’s Foundational Principles

  1. Interdisciplinary Research
    By coordinating holistic and multidisciplinary approaches, the Kokoro Research Center addresses such fundamental questions as the nature of consciousness and the ways that the human mind can conceive and confront the future.
  2. Wide-Ranging Research
    The Kokoro Research Center spans three basic research areas: (1) Mind, Brain, and Body; (2) Emotion, Communication, and Interaction; (3) Consciousness, Values, and Life. In addition to specific research on each of these topic areas, it builds a framework for integrated research, to understand mind from multiple broad-ranging perspectives transcending traditional academic disciplinary boundaries.
  3. Solution-Oriented Research
    Grounded on its research, the Center aims at solutions of problems concerning mind and consciousness, such as of stress, depression, burnout, miscommunication, and ethical decision-making.
  4. International Research
    The Center seeks to promote fruitful interactions between researchers and specialists both nationally and internationally, providing an open forum for the larger academic community.
  5. Community Outreach

    In collaboration with local organizations and industry, the research and education of the Center address the concerns and expectations of the local community, while attempting to disseminate an understanding of scientific knowledge about the mind, brain, and consciousness.

  6. Interdepartmental Collaboration
    The Center serves as a nucleus to strengthen interdepartmental cooperation and collaborative cross-campus research projects about mind and consciousness.