Hisae Konakawa

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Hisae Konakawa  |  Research Fellow  |  Clinical Psychology

My research focuses on the images of “dreams” and “sandboxes” in clinical psychotherapy. “Play therapy” is also one of my research themes. It is my observation that, in psychotherapy, clients begin to naturally realize one’s own issues and new possibilities through their “dreams” and “play”. I would like to continue researching the meaning of those images during therapy.


B. S., Education, Kyoto University, 2013 
M. A., Education, Kyoto University, 2015
Ph.D., Education, Kyoto University, 2015-2018(expected graduation in May, 2018)
Program-Specific Research Fellow, Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University, 2018-current

Konakawa, H.(2016)Attempt at Comparison of Japanese and Western Dreams Using Structural Dream Analysis((訳)夢の構造分析を用いた日本人の夢と西洋人の夢の比較の試み). Archives of Sandplay Therapy, 29 (1), 83-115.
皆本麻実・畑中千紘・梅村高太郎・田附紘平・松波美里・岡部由茉・粉川尚枝・鈴木優佳・河合俊雄・田中康裕(2016) 診断を受けながらも発達障害とは見立てられない事例の特徴. 箱庭療法学研究, 29 (2), 43-54.
粉川尚枝(2017)心理臨床場面における夢の用いられ方 ‐諸学派の理論の比較から‐. 京都大学大学院教育学研究科紀要, 63, 41-53.