Hisae Konakawa

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Hisae Konakawa | Program-Specific  | Clinical Psychology

My research focuses on the images of “dreams” and “sandboxes” in clinical psychotherapy. “Play therapy” is also one of my research themes. It is my observation that, in psychotherapy, clients begin to naturally realize one’s own issues and new possibilities through their “dreams” and “play”. I would like to continue researching the meaning of those images during therapy.

E-Mail: konakawa.hisae.8e[at]kyoto-u.ac.jp


B. S., Education, Kyoto University, 2013
M. A., Education, Kyoto University, 2015
Ph.D., Education, Kyoto University, 2018
Program-Specific Research Fellow, Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University, 2018-2022
Program-Specific Assistant Professor, Kyoto University Institute for the Future of Human Society, Kyoto University, 2022-current
Kyoto University Ph.D (Education)

Konakawa, H. (2020). Meaning of Dreams Appearing in the Course of Psychotherapy. Tokyo, Japan: Sogensya.

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