Toshio Inui

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Toshio Inui  |  Cognitive Neuroscience

Dr. Inui’s areas of research expertise are linguistic cognitive neuroscience, the function of nonverbal communication, developmental psychology, and brain mechanisms underlying communication disorders. His publications include: Development of Child’s Mind through Brain Science (Minerva Shobo), Image Brain (Iwanami Shoten), Foundation, Perception and Cognition Foundation (Ohmusha).


B.S., Bioengineering, Osaka University Graduate School of Engineering Science
Research Assistant, Osaka University, Human Sciences Behavioral Engineering Department,
Assistant in Psychology, Kyoto University, Department of Philosophy
Auditor, Cognitive Organization Laboratory, Audio Visual Institute Laboratory
Assistant Professor, Kyoto University, Department of Philosophy Psychology
Professor of Psychology, Kyoto University Department of Humanities, 1995-current
Professor of Psychology Laboratory, Kyoto University, 1996-current
Professor, Kyoto University, Graduate School of Informatics, 1998 – 2015
Professor Emeritus, Kyoto University, 2015-
Professor, Outemon-Gakuin University
Counselor, Japan Cerebral Function Society Director, The Japan Developmental Neuroscience Society