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Facilities and Scanner

The KRC Collaborative MRI Research Facilities are located in the Kokoro Research Center South Building, approximately 500 m south of the KRC main site. The KRC MRI Facilities operate a Siemens 3-T field strength “MAGNETOMR Verio” and surrounding equipment that enable researchers to carry out neuroimaging experiments, including functional MRI. For the stimulus presentation platform, dedicated PCs are installed to deliver visual and auditory stimuli, record synchronized signals from the MRI scanner, and record participant responses. The platform has multiple interfaces allowing researchers to use their own PC to conduct experiments.

The KRC South Building, which houses the KRC Collaborative MRI Research Facilities, is a part of South Research Building No.1

3T-MRI「Magnetom Verio」

The KRC MRI Facilities operate a Siemens 3-T field strength “MAGNETOMR Verio”

The “Communication Signal Mediation and Relay System” is used to perform MRI scans during real-time interactions

The KRC MRI Facilities also feature a “communication signal mediation and relay system.” This system not only records facial expressions and tracks eye movements of the participants in the MRI, but also visualizes brain activities in one participant during real-time interaction with another participant outside the MRI scanner. 

Two anechoic chambers ideal for conducting psychological and behavioral experiments

There are two anechoic chambers to conduct psychological and behavioral experiments pre-/post-MRI scans. These chambers are soundproof, providing a controlled environment ideal for experiments.