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Interview with Associate Professor Seiji Kumagai Appeared in Kyoto Shimbun

An interview with Associate Professor Seiji Kumagai (Divisional Director, Uehiro Research Division for Ethics and Spirituality) appeared in the Kyoto Shimbun, both in print (March 17, 2022, page 27) and online (March 20, 2022). The title of the article is “Developing a ‘Super Preaching Machine’ Using AI: Kyoto University’s Eminent Scholar Talks about the Fusion of Religion and Science”, and it highlighted attempts to make the study of religion more effective not only within the framework of the humanities, but also by integrating it with science. In particular, the article introduces two new technologies which have been developed mainly by Prof. Kumagai: the AI-based Chatbot “Buddhabot”, and the Psyche Navigation System (PNS), which navigates the mind toward happiness.


*Information of the article

Kyoto Shimbun Online Edition (March 20, 2022)


 Kyoto Shimbun (March 17, 2022, page 27)


 The Psyche Navigation System has also been introduced in the following media (Japanese version only):

https://note.com/bunkajiho/n/nbf65d2fffcdd (Bunkajijo)

https://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ja/news/2021-05-18 (Kyoto University Website)

https://cpms.kokoro.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ (Psyche Navigation System Website)

and many more.


*TV appearances

NHK TV News Program (May 22nd, 2021)

and many more.


The AI-based chatbot “Buddhabot” has already been introduced in the following media:


http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/photo/38954863 (*English version/Asahi Shimbun)

https://mainichi.jp/english/articles/20210424/p2a/00m/0sc/021000c (*English version/Mainichi Shimbun)

https://hk.on.cc/hk/bkn/cnt/intnews/20210327/bkn-20210327213028488-0327_00992_001.html (*Chinese version/RTHK News)

https://orientaldaily.on.cc/cnt/china_world/20210328/00180_035.html (*Chinese version/昔日東方)

https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20210327/k10012938991000.html (*Japanese version/NHK)

https://www.kyoto-np.co.jp/articles/-/537180*Japanese version/Kyoto Shimbun

https://www.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ja/research-news/2021-03-26-3 (*Japanese version/Kyoto University Website)

and many more.


*TV and radio appearances

NHK’s Morning Information TV Program Asa-Ichi

NHK Radio News Program


and many more.