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  4. Lecture by Dr. Arthur Zajonc (Mind and Life Institute, USA) was held on Jan. 25, 2013.

Lecture by Dr. Arthur Zajonc (Mind and Life Institute, USA) was held on Jan. 25, 2013.

Lecture by Dr. Arthur Zajonc (President, Mind and Life Institute, USA) was held at Kokoro research center on Jan.25.
Title: The Mind and Life Institute: Twenty-five years of Interdisciplinary Dialogue and Research on the Nature of Mind, Consciousness and Reality
Date: Jan. 25, 2013, 4:30-6:00 pm.
Place: Middle Conference Hall, 3rd Floor, Inamori Center, Kyoto University access
Target: Researchers and Students (Lecture will be given in English)
Since its first interdisciplinary dialogue in 1987 with the Dalai Lama, the Mind & Life Institute has brought together leading neuroscientists, psychologists, physicists, philosophers, ontemplative scholars and practitioners of meditation to consider the nature of the mind,consciousness and reality with the ideal of relieving suffering and promoting human flourishing. Through intensive interdisciplinary dialogues, large conferences, research awards, book publication and an annual summer research institute, the Mind & Life Institute has succeeded in catalyzinghundreds of research projects globally, especially in the emerging area of contemplative neuroscience. Building on its 25 years of success, the Mind & Life Institute is beginning a new phase in its development under the leadership of its new President Arthur Zajonc PhD. who for 30 years workedand published at the intersection of physics, philosophy and contemplative studies. Dr. Zajonc will describe the work of the Mind & Life Institute, especially drawing on his own interdisciplinary research in the experimental foundations of quantum physics, and the work of Mind and Life colleaguesconcerning the neuroscience of meditation and the phenomenology of mind/consciousness. www.mindandlife.org .
Prospective participants:
Please apply by e-mail with “Dr.Zajonc lecture application” as the subject, and provide the following details:
1. Full name
2. Affiliation and Post
Contact / application: Liaison office, Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University
E-mail: kokoro-liaison*educ.kyoto-u.ac.jp (Please change * to @.)