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Stephane Alexandre De Brito | 日本学術振興会 外国人特別研究員

Dr De Brito is a psychologist and director of the Social, Cognitive, Affective, and Neuroscience (SCAN) lab. Research in the SCAN lab focuses on understanding the mechanistic interplay between the social, cognitive, affective, and neurocognitive factors implicated in the development and persistence of antisocial and aggressive behaviour. A second strand of research examines those aspects among youths who have experienced early adversity. More recently, Dr De Brito has developed an interest in impulsivity and he is also co-leading the ENIGMA Antisocial Behavior working group, which will be conducting large scale meta/mega-analyses of neuroimaging data on various antisocial phenotypes (e.g., conduct disorder, psychopathy) across the lifespan.


Dr De Brito completed his bachelor in Psychology in Switzerland (University of Geneva), after which he moved to the United Kingdom where he read for a master in Criminology (University of Cambridge). In 2009, Dr De Brito was awarded a PhD in Forensic Mental Health Sciences (Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London), which was followed by 3 years of post-doctoral research in the department of Psychology at University College London. In March 2012, Dr De Brito was appointed as a Birmingham Fellow in the School of Psychology at the University of Birmingham where he is the director of the SCAN Lab. In 2020, Dr De Brito completed a JSPS and a Leverhulme Fellowships at the Kokoro Research Centre to start a collaboration with Prof Abe.

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