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Volume 61 Issue 3, June 2018
Pages 159-209

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  • M. Higashikawa, Y. Motoki, M. Shirahase, I. Ishizaka, Y. Hara, T. Murakami, W. Hata, K. Yoshizawa, K. Hadano, & T. Hatta
      Course of Improvement of Neologistic Jargon: An Investigation of Three Cases.
  • I. de Almeida & Y. Uchida
      Examining Affective Valence in Japanese and Brazilian Cultural Products: An Analysis on Emotional Words in Song Lyrics and News Articles.
  • R. Kishimoto, S. Itakura, K. Fujita, & K. Hashiya
      Evaluation of “Calculating” Helpers Based on Third-Party Observation in Adults and Children.
  • E. J. Lee
      Correlations Among Depressive Symptoms, Personality, and Synthetic House-Tree-Person Drawings in South Korean Adults.

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