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The Uehiro Research Division

In recent years, various difficult issues and situations surrounding the “kokoro” (i.e., the heart and mind) of humans have become increasingly familiar problems.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to find what triggers problems and maladjustment in kokoro. What guides should we follow to live a life that is rich in kokoro? To solve problems concerning kokoro and ethics, it is important to understand the potential causes of such problems and use various methods to solve them. Potential solutions must be tested and empirical results demonstrating their effectiveness broadcast to the wider society.

At the Uehiro Research Division, our researchers have expertise in areas such as ethics, public policy, medical health welfare, clinical psychology, traditional wisdom, and philosophy.

We conduct research on kokoro and ethics using various approaches. While these are rooted in Japanese spirituality and ethics, our goal is to use the universal perspective of kokoro and ethics to offer an outlook for the 21st century that contributes to society.

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