2020 Projects

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Year Research Topic Lead Researcher
2020 Cognitive mechanisms of spatial thinking Hiroyuki Muto
2020 Cognitive and Physical Perspectives of a Full Heart Seiji Kumagai
2020 Research on Sustainable Medical Care and Social Security Yoshinori Hiroi
2020 Interaction between Organization Culture and Psychological Function of Work Employees: A Large Survey in Japan Yukiko Uchida
2020 Evolutionary Biology of the Self Yutaka Komura
2020 Significance of “Poison” in Contemporary Society Hiroshi Yoshioka
2020 The Science of Savoring Kuniaki Yanagisawa
2020 Creating a Multilayered Kokoro World Map Yoshiyuki Ueda
2020 The Construction and Selection of the Environments That Enrich Kokoro and Empathy Yoshiyuki Ueda
2020 The Richness of Kokoro and its Paradox: Change in Kokoro and their Ripple Effects in Psychotherapy Toshio Kawai
2020 Mechanisms of Venting and Aggression Toshio Kawai
2020 Psychological and neuroscience research on well-being and health in older age Ryusuke Nakai
2020 Kokoro, or Consumers’ Orientations in the Post-Singularity Era Yoshinori Hiroi
2020 Mechanisms of Social Capital and Psychological Well-Being in a Local Community Yukiko Uchida
2020 Social and Neural Bases of Awe and Feeling Moved (Kando) and their Effects on Behavioral Changes Masataka Nakayama
2020 A Study on Spirituality, Happiness, and Ethics in Asia and Japan Seiji Kumagai
2020 Ethics of Medical Care, Health and Social Welfare in the Super-Aging Society of Contemporary Japan Aya Seike
2020 Issues Surrounding Kokoro and Changes during Post-Growth Period Chihiro Hatanaka
2020 Economy, Ethics and Happiness in the Post-Growth Era Yoshinori Hiroi
2020 Extended Theory of Art Hiroshi Yoshioka
2020 Cognitive Science of Decision Making Nobuhito Abe
Year Research Topic Lead Researcher
2020 SNS Counseling and Community Support Toshio Kawai
2020 The Groves of Village Shrines and Community Economies Yoshinori Hiroi
2020 Play Therapy for Children with Developmental Disabilities Toshio Kawai
Year Research Topic Lead Researcher
2020 Kyoto Kokoro Initiative Toshio Kawai
Year Research Topic Researcher Center Researcher
2020 “Orientalism” and “Occidentalism” in Depth Psychology: the Contribuition of Hayao Kawai to the Jungian Perspective on the Psyche Montanari Marco
Sapienza University of Rome
Toshio Kawai, Chihiro Hatanaka
2020 Motivation, Display Rules, and Expressive Dialects Affect the Display and Decoding of Facial Expressions of Emotion Young Steven Graham
Baruch College and The Graduate Center, City University of New York
Yoshiyuki Ueda
2020 The Mythical Priest Ya-ngal and the Ritual ‘Sel’. Lama, Nima Hojer
Institute of Asian Studies, Faculty of Arts, Charles University
Seiji Kumagai
2020 The role of culture in perception and interpretation of smiles SZAROTA Piotr Rafał
Institute of Psychology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
Yoshiyuki Ueda
2020 Usefulness of Visualized Information on Psyche and the Application to Preventive Education Kato Nanako
Faculty of Human Life and Environment, Nara Women's University
Toshio Kawai, Chihiro Hatanaka
2020 Improvement of Physical Symptoms and Psychological Changes by Fecal Microbiota Transplantation Hitomi Shirotani
Luke's Ashiya Clinic
Toshio Kawai
2020 Cognitive Psychology for Care Masato Nunoi
Faculty of Human Studies, Seisen University
Yoshiyuki Ueda
2020 Relationship between Cognitive Dysfunction and Psychosocial / Physico-Environmental Factors in Developmental Disabilities Yukiori Goto
Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University
Yoshiyuki Ueda
2020 Investigation of Gaze Characteristics in Reading Out by Children with Dyslexia Using Eye Movement Measurement: Towards Supporting Children with Dyslexia Yuichiro Kikuno
The University of Shimane
Yoshiyuki Ueda