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fMRI Analysis Seminar "Functional/Effective Connectivity Analysis 2017"

The fMRI Analysis Seminar “Functional/Effective Connectivity Analysis 2017” was held at the Inamori Foundation on March 29, 30, 2018. Dr. Takanori Kochiyama (Researcher, ATR-Promotions, Brain Activity Imaging Center) was invited to present the lecture.
During the two-day seminar, which was organized and moderated by Dr. Nobuhito Abe, fMRI skills for conducting functional/effective connectivity analysis were taught via lectures and hands-on practicum. This year marked the 5th year in which the seminar has been taught.
The seminar, taught by Dr. Kochiyama, focused on methods called Psycho-Physiological Interaction (PPI) and Dynamic Causal Modeling (DCM), which analyze the connectivity of multiple brain region.

20180329_30_Abe_fMRI03.JPG 20180329_30_Abe_fMRI04.JPG

[Reflections by the attendees]
“The seminar was very meaningful as I learned a new method of analysis first-hand from a prominent researcher.”
“I have attended the seminar before. This seminar was informative and very helpful. Now I know how PPI and DCM work.”
“The seminar was very useful because I learned the basic theory and how to use the software.”
“Thank you for the lecture that was easy to follow with a lot of materials. I gained an understanding of the materials that I couldn’t do via self-learning.”
“Kochiyama Sensei gave us a lot of details and state-of-the-art methods for fMRI analysis.
Although I am not a native speaker of Japanese, by following the introductions step-by-step, I gained a better understanding of PPI and DCM.”
“I liked that the practicum followed the lecture in the seminar. The lecture material was easy to understand.”

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