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Dr. Hatanaka Lectures in Saga City

Dr. Chihiro Hatanaka gave lectures in Saga City on March 26th, and 27th, 2018.
saga cityhall.jpg .jpg
Saga City Hall

Saga City has begun their “total life support” work for people with developmental disabilities. To share the results of the Kokoro Research Center’s projects regarding developmental disabilities, Dr. Hatanaka lectured on “The state of understanding developmental disabilities from the perspective of psychotherapy”. About 100 staff members attended the lecture. The lectures were followed by a tour of the facilities and a discussion with the city hall staff.

At the Uehiro Research Division, Prof. Yoshinori Hiroi has been working closely with various municipal offices via the Arakawa Ward Municipal General Research Office’s so-called “Happiness League. The Saga City Office’s staff visited the Kokoro Research Center in May, 2018, touring the center’s facilities and participating in a discussion.