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Artistic Expression of People with Visual Impairment

2018 Research Projects

Research Topic

Artistic Expression of People with Visual Impairment

Lead Researcher

Hiroshi Yoshioka, Program Specific Professor, Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University

Collaborating Researchers

Asa Ito, Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Although it is usually assumed that the sensory experience of art requires a working sense of vision, people with visual impairment have created a large number of artworks and artistic expressions. These activities and artworks have drawn the attention of artists and non-artists without disabilities. Therefore, viewing the concept of artistic expression by people with visual impairments through only a social welfare perspective is insufficient. It is crucial that research be conducted that can modify how we see the cultural category as art of visual art. The purpose of the project is to reach a universal understanding of vision by demolishing conventional concepts of vision (advant-garde art has previously addressed this topic). Additionally, the project aims to expand the concept of art by critically considering the system of art.