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The First Kyoto Kokoro Initiative International Symposium: “Kokoro and Symbiosis”

The First Kyoto Kokoro Initiative International Symposium: “Kokoro and Symbiosis” In April 2015, the “Kyoto Kokoro Initiative” launched a project to investigate the complex issues that advances in science, technology and the global economy pose for kokoro, the human mind and spirit. This project seeks to bring international awareness to the research we have done to gain new understandings of the multidimensional word kokoro. This marks the third year that a symposium on kokoro has been held. Continuing from the previous two national symposiums, the theme of this year’s international symposium is “Kokoro and Symbiosis”. The theme reflects the modern age we live in, emphasizing the nuanced word “kokoro”. What kind of “kokoro” enables a symbiotic relationship with other people, the Earth, and the universe? This theme will be explored from the various perspectives of cognitive science, clinical psychology, Buddhist studies and public policy studies.

Date and Time: September 18, 2017 13:00 – 18:00
Location: Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall
Fee: Free of charge Registration required (see below for details)
Language: Japanese and English. Simultaneous interpretation will be given for lectures and discussions.
13:00 – 13:10 Opening Remarks Sakiko Yoshikawa (Director, Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University)
13:10 – 14:00 Lecture 1 “Cognitive / Affective and Neural Obstacles to Human Symbiosis” Shihui Han (Professor, School of Psychological and Cognitive Sciences, Peking University)
14:00 – 14:50 Lecture 2 “Synchronistic Phenomena and Psychological Symbiosis” Joseph Cambray (Provost and Acting President, Pacifica Graduate Institute)
14:50 – 15:05 Break
15:05 – 15:55 Lecture 3 “The Symbiosis of Religious Beliefs” Tesshu Shaku (Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Soai University)
15:55 – 16:45 Lecture 4 “The Sustainable Society, Sustainable Mind” Yoshinori Hiroi (Professor, Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto Univerisity)
16:45 – 17:00 Break
17:00 – 17:50 General Discussion Shihui Han, Joseph Cambray, Tesshu Shaku, Yoshinori Hiroi, Toshio Kawai (Professor, Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University)
17:50 – 18:00 Closing Remarks Nagahiro Minato (Executive Vice-President, Kyoto University) Hosted by Kyoto University’s Kokoro Research Center Sponsored by The Inamori Foundation
Registration Required: Email or fax the following information to the Kokoro Research Center Liaison Office
: Your name, affiliation, email address/phone number. In the subject line, please write “The First Kyoto Kokoro Initiative International Symposium Application”
E-mail: kokoro-sympo*mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp (replace * with @)
FAX:075-753- 9680
URL: http://kokoro.kyoto-u.ac.jp/en/index.html