Former Visiting Scholars

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Eunsoo CHOI (JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow)
Term : Feb.23, 2015-Feb.22, 2016
Research: Empathic behaviors in Japanese, Korean, and American cultural contexts

Jessica E LeClair (Graduate student, University of California Santa Barbara, USA (JSPS Summer Program))
Term : May 25, 2015-Aug. 18, 2015

Timothy BENEDICT (Doctoral student, Princeton University, USA)
Term : Aug.1, 2014-Jul.31, 2015

Matthias Steffen GOBEL (University College London, UK (JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow))
Term : Mar. 31, 2015-Jul.30, 2015

Jet Sanders (Doctoral student, University of York, UK)
Term : Mar.21, 2015-May 25, 2015
Research :Hyper-realistic masks: a new challenge for international security

Laura Specker Sullivan (Ph.D Candidate, University of Hawaii, USA)
Term : Aug.28, 2013-Mar.31, 2015
Research : Informed consent in Japanese medical services

Alina Kriebel (Graduate student, University of Osnabrueck, Germany)
Term : Oct.27, 2014-Jan.09, 2015

Kimberly Suzanne BOWEN (Doctoral student, University of Utah, USA)
Term : Jul.1, 2014-Dec.21, 2014

Gregory Samantha Elizabeth Ann (Graduate student, The University of Aberdeen, UK)
Term : Jun.17, 2014-Aug.18, 2014
Research : Cross cultural investigation into the effect of eye gaze on memory for emotional faces

Ngo Hoang Yen Nhi (Graduate student, Northeastern University, USA)
Term : Jun.17, 2014-Aug.18, 2014
Research : The effects of age, culture and multiple contexts on emotion perception

Steven Tompson (Graduate student, University of Michigan, USA)
Term : Jun.1, 2014-Aug.18, 2014
Research : When choosing for me means choosing for you: A cross-cultural investigation of choice strategy.

Jason Allen Danely (Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island, USA)
Term : Sep.13, 2013-Jul.12, 2014
Research : Making Care Meaningful: Worldview, Coherence and Burnout among Family Caregivers in Japan

Lena Buchinger (Student, Humboldt-Universität)
Term : Apr.10, 2014-Jun.8, 2014
Research: Culture and emotion regulation

Michael Boiger (Researcher, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft)
Term : Apr.1, 2014-Jun.7, 2014
(JSPS Foreign Researcher)
Research: Emotion co-regulation in German, Japanese, and American cultural contexts.

Laura Froehlich (Doctoral student, University of Konstanz, Germany)
Term : Oct.15, 2013-Dec.27, 2013
Research : Stereotypes and Gender

Rob Jenkins (Associate Professor, University of York, UK)
Term : Jun.1, 2013-Aug.31, 2013
Research : Cross-cultural Research on the variability in photos of the same face

Kimberly Bowen (Social Psychology doctoral program, University of Utah, USA)
Term : May.31, 2013-Aug.21, 2013
Research : Social support and health: Examining cultural pathways of belonging and giving support

Takahiko Masuda (Associate Professor, University of Alberta, Canada)
Term:Apr.1 2013-Jul.31, 2013

Steven James Heine (Professor of Psychology, University of British Columbia, Canada)
Term: Jan.7, 2013-Jul.26, 2013
Research: Cultural bases in mental health and decision-making: Comparisons between Japan and North America

Rebecca Mckenzie (Plymouth University, UK)
Term: May 7, 2012-Sep.6, 2012

Peter Andrey Skrivanic (Anthroporogy doctoral program, University of Toronto, Canada)
Term : Apr.1, 2012-Aug.30, 2013
Research: Tactility and Medical Ontology in Shiatsu Therapy

Michael Boiger (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)
Term : Sep.16, 2011-Dec.8, 2011

Beth Morling(Associate Professor, University of Delaware, USA)
Term : Aug.21, 2010-Jul.24, 2011

Dante G. Simbulan, Jr, (Professor, Department of Physiology, College of Medicine, De La Salle Health Sciences institute, Philippines)
Term : Aug.1, 2010-Nov.30, 2010
Research: Theories and Practices of Mindfulness in Asian Traditions: Historical Context and Relevance to the Modern World

Toshie Imada (University of Minnesota, USA)
Term : Oct., 2009-Dec.31, 2009

Vinai Norasakkunkit (Associate Professor, Minnesota State University, USA)
Term : Sep.1, 2009-Aug.31, 2010

Brooke Wilken (Graduate student, University of Wisconsin, USA)
Term : Jun.1, 2009-Aug.25, 2009

Yuri Miyamoto (Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA)
Term : May 27, 2009-Jul.7, 2009

Shinobu Kitayama (Professor, University of Michigan, USA)Cultural Psychology
Term : Nov.24, 2008-Nov.30, 2008

Sasha Kimel (Graduate Student, University of Michigan, USA)
Term : Jun.24, 2008-Aug.19, 2008