Yoshinori Hiroi

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Yoshinori Hiroi  |  Vice Director, Professor  |  Concurrent Post : Uehiro Research Division for Ethics and Spirituality | Public Policy and Philosophy of Science

My areas of expertise are public policy and the philosophy of science.  I am particularly interested in building a bridge between the “exploration of humans” and a “vision of society”. With this in mind, there are three major foci to my research. The first includes social policies in health care, welfare, and social security, which have expanded to encompass the environment, city planning, and the revitalization of local towns.  The second is thoughts on death and life, time, care, and communities. The third connects the first two, and what can be called a vision of a “steady-state society” or a “sustainable welfare society”. I am currently working on a project called “Chinju-no-Mori (groves surrounding village shrines): A Vision of a Natural Energy Community”.
E-Mail: hiroi.yoshinori.5u*kyoto-u.ac.jp
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B.A., Science History/Science Philosophy, The University of Tokyo, 1984
M.A., Social Science, The University of Tokyo, 1986
Ministry of Health and Welfare, 1986-96
Associate Professor, Law and Economics, Chiba University, 1996
Visiting Researcher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2001-2002
Professor, Law and Economics, Chiba University, 2003
Professor, Kokoro Research Center, Kyoto University, 2016-current