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Prof. Uskul (The University of Kent) Collaborates Research with Dr. Uchida's Team

Prof. Ayse Uskul (The University of Kent) was invited to work on collaborative research with the Yukiko Uchida team from April 1st to May 13th, 2018.
Prof. Uskul, a specialist in cultural psychology, has been conducting comparative research on agricultural farming villages and fishing villages.
Prof. Uskul visited Omiya-Cho Okuono in Kyotango City, with which the Kokoro Research Center has a comprehensive collaboration agreement, and discussed directions for future research. She also gave lectures and seminars for graduate students during her stay at the center.

The Lecture Title: Socio-Cognitive Processes in Cultural Context
Abstract: A large number of empirical studies have demonstrated considerable cross-cultural variation in psychological processes, showing that many of the phenomena that we used to think of as ‘basic’ social psychology turn out to be culture-bound. My research is driven by a curiosity to understand how individuals’ feelings, actions, thoughts are grounded in sociocultural systems. In various lines of research, I have examined how sociocultural systems shape different cognitive and social/interpersonal processes. At the intersection of cultural systems and cognitive processes, I have examined, among others, cognitive style as moderated by economic context. At the intersection of culture and social/interpersonal processes, I have examined questions related to a) honor (what it means and how it is acted upon in cultural contexts where honor is a salient driving source of behavior and in cultural contexts where this is less the case), and b) in more recent work, I have examined how different cultural groups may experience ostracism and respond to it. In today’s presentation, I will give an overview of my past research in these domain and share some of my current work and future ideas.
20180513_uchida_AyseUskul003.JPG 20180513_uchida_AyseUskul004.JPG
 Visiting Omiya-Cho Okuono in Kyotango City

20180513_uchida_AyseUskul001.JPG 20180513_uchida_AyseUskul002.JPG
 Prof. Ayse Uskul