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Prof. Yoshikawa's new papers published in "Journal of Cognitive Psychology"

 Prof. Sakiko Yoshikawa's new papers published in "Journal of Cognitive Psychology" vol.28.

1612yoshikawa_journal.pngMasato Nunoi & Sakiko Yoshikawa (2016). Deep processing makes stimuli more prefereable over long duration. Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 28, 756-763


The purpose of the current study was twofold. First, we investigated whether the type of stimulus processing (e.g. levels of processing) influenced preferences for novel objects. Second, we examined whether the influence of levels of processing on preferences was long lasting (e.g. longer than a day/week). Results showed that levels of processing affected preferences whereby more deeply processed stimuli were preferred over those that were shallowly processed. This effect was more robust for stimuli that were presented multiple times. Additionally, this levels of processing effect lasted for up to 6 weeks, suggesting stability in preferences for information that was more deeply processed. We discuss these results in terms of theories predicting the role of stimulus properties and exposure on the development of preferences.

KEYWORDS: Preference, levels of processing, delay